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What SAP-HR Consultant Do?


An advisor assesses the demands of the representatives of the customer, transforms the essence into an algorithmic and intangible business model. Therefore, the use cases are identified by him, and he transforms them into technical and rational perspectives.


Subsequently, the key job begins: making sure that the process responds in accordance with the constraints, and customizing the specific area in which business is conducted.


The advisor prepares appropriate guidelines that enable other advisors to do repairs or additional changes and also records the settings.
The advisor makes sure the system is functional and performing suitably, that appropriate training is provided to the users, and that the workflow is right and complete. During the launch, the technical staff is assisted by him as he assesses the system’s behaviour.
The consultant proposes improvements and ensures the processes remain consistent and functional in actual live scenarios after the launch.
A consultant’s primary responsibility would be to transfer knowledge that is technical and specific to the customer. It doesn’t workforce intellect, comprehension of procedures, a feeling for flaws and general common sense, although that counts.

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