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Our aim is exclusively focused on high-quality training that are tailored to corporate needs. The training delivered by professional trainers.

The process flow begins with understanding client’s business requirements, tailed by proposing the best suitable out frame of a training module which best suits the first phase followed by execution of on site & Off site training.

Process Flow

1. Understanding client’s business requirements
2. Proposing the best out frame
3. Execution of on site & Off site training

Competent and well equipped staff helps organizations to realize the benefits of costly investment in IT system and infrastructure. At SAP Training London, we have time tested and reliable training programs to help our corporate clients to achieve their IS & IT objectives. The prime aim of investment in IS & IT for any corporate entity is to add value in their business processes; and to achieve their competitive strategy more efficiently. We, at SAP Training London, helps organizations to materialize their dream; by providing right training, while ensuring compatibility with the working conditions of organization and its business processes.


We have designed a comprehensive training plan to train and polish IT and management professionals of our corporate clients:


1- Our highly qualified professionals have developed training courses to educate trainees in understanding their role in IT department, and to acknowledge management’s expectations;

2- We have designed sessions to encourage our trainees to enhance and update their learning over the period of time;

3- As interactive medium of communication helps trainees to fully comprehend, what is being taught? We, at SAP Training London, ensure provision of conducive class environment, with open communication opportunities.

4- Our highly qualified staff are always available to oversee the performance of trainees and give them valuable feedback.


Our Corporate Training Portfolio offers:

Training Need and Gap Analysis

First step in providing right training to our trainees, is to identify their weakness and areas of improvement. We assess their existing level of skills and competencies and on the basis of our surveys and assessments, we recommend and apply best suited training solutions. We provide individual care to every trainee and help them to overcome their deficiencies. At SAP Training London, we have set of highly qualified interviewers, and observers; who through counselling and interviews make assessments.

Training SAP Support Specialist

It is very important for every organization to equip itself with latest technologies in order to keep abreast with its competitors. We provide, specifically designed training to company’s SAP professionals, and help them to acquaint with new product suite from SAP.

Management Workshops

We help organization to understand their responsibilities with respect to implementation of SAP system and to be aware of Governance, risk and compliance requirements. IFAC have published guidelines on IS& IT, and organization are expected to comply with these requirements, and develop their IT policies In the light of these guidelines. The compliance with GRC products helps

organization to reap the true benefits of IS system. Our qualified professional tend to uplift organization through these workshop and help them to achieve their corporate mission.

End-user Training

End-users are the ones; who are in charge of driving benefits of SAP. Our training programs focus on educating end-users of organization, by polishing their existing set of skills- to make them more competent.

Project and End user Documentation

We provide easy to understand user manual, to help employees to acquaint themselves with the different functions of SAP. End user documentation also helps organizations to maintain records of system maintenance, and to manage change effectively.

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